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The Fake News has always existed, and always will. Even if all of humanity is struck from the face of the Earth, the stones themselves will cry out and proclaim the Fake News. This blog was started in 2018, A.D., when the animay in the TV started talking directly to me and told me to kill myself. I attempted to choke myself, but since you eventually wake up from doing this, I woke up, but while I was asleep, the big tiddy neko girls approached me and told me to write this crap.

Wow, you sound like you have deep-seeded issues and need therapy or be committed to a psych ward.”

If you don’t like what I write, maybe you should go leave and go back to your happy little buble where everyone agrees with you 24/7, 365. Retreat back into your safe-space shell, little coward-crab.

I’m just kidding. I’m a really nice person. I just wrote all that crazy and try-hard edgy stuff to scare all the normal people away before they made it this far. I pretty much love every person alive, and hope you all have a happy life! If this blog isn’t making you happy, or making you laugh, maybe you ought to do something else. But please, don’t take the stuff I’m saying seriously anywhere on this blog. It’s not a real news site. It’s a blog. That should be very obvious, but there are a lot of weirdos out there, and I don’t think they’re all confined to being executives at Adult Swim. We gotta keep our kids safe and keep them away from Adult Swim executives at all times. Those people are not right.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries, deaths, personal losses, damages, mental-health issues, or any related effects as a result of you reading this blog. You are invited to read this at your own risk, and even then, I really don’t think you should. Just snap your phone over your knee. It’s that simple. You don’t have to keep doing this. Break free from the internet. Live in the woods and eat squirrels! Note: If you are vegan, only eat tofu squirrels.