Natalie Dormer: Traitor to All Women?


Pictured above: Some stupid ho?


By Lefty McFeminist

Last Thursday, Natalie Dormer implied that males don’t have it as hard as womyn. When it comes to objectification, she should know that she’s completely ignorant of patriarchal privilege and doesn’t know that men are literally Hitler. I’m just going to say this: Fuck Natalie Dormer. Natalie Dormer, you just lost your woman-card, you traitor. You’re no longer a woman. You’re now genderless, but maybe you should join the men since you love men so much. I bet you voted for Trump.

It’s sooooo obvious that the difference between men being ‘objectified’ and women being objectified is that men have (power + privilege) ^ gold / penis-length. That means if a man is ‘objectified’, it’s okay, because they need a taste of their own medicine, but frankly, I think they kinda enjoy it anyway. Why would they work out their abs so much if they didn’t want us to rip their shirts off? Checkmate, MRA incel terrorists. If a woman is objectified, which R.R. Martin does frequently, then it’s an international atrocity, and needs to be brought before the United Nations Security Council, and frankly, we should all be wearing bur’qas, and follow the will of Allah.

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