Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck


Fuck! Goddamn it, fucking bullshit motherfucking shit! Son of a bitch, this fucking shit is fucking goddamn fucked beyond all fuck.

By Sam Piddle


Jesus Christ son of a bitch goddamn fucking fuck, God, stupid fucking cunt asshole. Goddamn it to fucking hell; fucking fuck. Shit, this fucking retarded fucktwat won’t fucking… Jesus. Fuck! Trying to fucking fuck with this shit is like trying to lick shit off my grandma’s goddamn tits. Absolute fucking goddamn bullshit. Fuck fuck fuck! Fucking son-of-a-bitch, I hope fucking everything gets fucked up the ass and dies! Eat your fucking monthly fucking discharge, you stupid fucking bullshit asshole cunt bitch motherfucker! Jesus Christ on a dick. FUCK. Jesus fuck, goddamn it! Damn fucking motherfucking Jesus. Get fucked. Oh my fucking God, you fucking twat, fucking just fuck off. Fuck the fuck off, motherfucker… fuck! Suck my fucking dick, motherfucker.

In other news, I may have put a donut in the microwave, causing it to catch fire. We will provide updates on the situation as it develops.

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